Our Trainers

Alecia Bucksa (Owner)

Alecia’s passion for sports and fitness began at an early age. She grew up in the gym because her dad was a high school basketball coach. She participated in athletics throughout high school and continued with a commitment to fitness after that.

Alecia started kettlebell workouts in 2011 because she wanted to add strength to her daily routine. She was tired of simply feeling “weak”, but traditional weight training wasn’t appealing. After getting certified to teach kettlebells in April 2013, the opportunity to purchase the kettlebell studio was presented to her. Alecia bought the studio on October 1, 2013, and was able to make her passion her “job”. She is excited to continue providing a place for people to come and get effective workouts that keep them coming back for more!

Ashley Baker

Ashley is originally from Waukon, Iowa, which is where she first became interested in kettlebells. She trained for about a year before deciding to become certified. Becoming certified was one of the most intense, extreme and joyful adventures of her life. Ashley has been certified through RKC and NETA. Kettlebells has changed the meaning of working out. It is an overall experience, that helps you physically and mentally. She has instructed at the Chickasaw Wellness Center, the YMCA in Waterloo, Kosama in Waterloo, and personal training on the side. Ashley also has instructed TRX band classes. She feels honored to become part of the B. Fit Studio and looks forward to assisting you to reach your fitness goals!

Jessica Lennon

Jessie is HKC certified and started instructing classes at B. Fit Studio in 2013. Since then, she’s had the opportunity to work with some amazing, hardworking folks. Writing new & challenging workouts is always her goal and her favorite kettlebell move is the deadlift.

Jessie & her husband Travis have three children and reside in Spillville. In her free time, she enjoys biking, yoga and running 5k’s with friends, and kayaking down the Turkey River with Coors Light. She is also a beekeeper and loves her honey bees.

Heidi Rockweiler

Heidi grew up trying to keep up with two older brothers who set her on the course to compete in high school and collegiate athletics. Later in life, seeking “that next level” of fitness, she discovered the kettlebell workout and never looked back.

Heidi is currently certified in the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) as well as the Kettlebell Institute (KBI) in both level one and two. She recently expanded her education and became a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach.  Heidi thoroughly enjoys designing and leading challenging classes, tackling new adventures, introducing both athletes and non-athletes of all ages to the sport of triathlon, and assisting people in reaching their true fitness potential.  It all starts within!

Kim Holthaus

Kim received her NETA certification to teach kettlebells in November 2015 and joined the team immediately after! She was a member at B. Fit Studio for three years prior to getting her certification to teach. There were many reasons why she wanted to become an instructor at B. Fit Studio, but the number one reason was because of the atmosphere and the ever-changing workouts. Each class is set up and designed to give you a challenging workout, focusing on strength, cardio and core.

She has always enjoyed being active through sports and fitness. Kim played various sports throughout her high school career and she still loves to participate in volleyball, softball, golf and more.  When it comes to being competitive and active, she’s all over it! Kim loves to challenge herself physically and mentally. That’s what’s great about kettlebells and B. Fit Studio. We will give you the tools to become stronger and successful in many ways.

Kim’s two favorite kettlebell moves are bicep curls and presses. She also loves loaded squats, push ups, battle ropes and planks. Her favorite music to workout to is from Thunderstruck radio on Pandora. She loves her music loud and needs music that will push her through a tough move or when she is nearing the end of a workout and her body is spent. AC/DC, Eminem, Quiet Riot and some rap and hip-hop are some of her favorite tunes to get her motivated!

If you are willing to dedicate 45 minutes of your day to B. Fit Studio, she promises the reward will be worth it. It’s okay to challenge yourself and to go out of your comfort zone. It’s okay to feel like you’re getting your butt kicked – because you will! But you will also get stronger – guaranteed! It won’t happen the first week. It won’t happen the first month, but if you dedicate yourself 3-5 times per week to getting stronger and fit, Kim promises you will love the results in just a few months time! Battle ropes used to be the death of her. Now she grab the biggest/heaviest rope there and slam them to the ground. All you have to do is start. Come join us and let’s do this!!

Kim Schmauss

Kim has followed an exercise regimen most of her life. She began kettlebell training at B. Fit three years ago and quickly fell in love with it. The strength training coupled with the great cardio workout that kettlebells provide is not only a great way to stay in shape but can be a complete body transformation tool as well.

Her passion is watching the people she trains reach their full potential both physically and mentally through their workouts. She is TRX and NETA certified and loves what she does.

Come experience the benefits at B. Fit and realize your potential!

Annette Schweinefus

Born and raised in the Decorah area, Annette’s fondness for fitness came after her second child was born. It progressed from walking with a stroller to step aerobics to running half-marathons. As years passed, the push for strength training became a hot topic in the fitness world, and what better way to get strength and cardio training simultaneously than with kettlebells.
Annette previously owned and trained at Rejuvenation Kettlebell studio and since holds kettlebell certifications in HKC, RKC, KBI I and KBI II methods of training. She also has studied the Essentials of Elite Performance with ZHealth Performance Solutions. Along with participating in B.Fit classes and trying to motivate and push her B.Fit attendees, Annette enjoys walking, spinning, yoga, biking, golfing, hiking and volunteering. Her biggest joy arrived this spring, which is her first grandchild, Duke. She is married to Eric and has two adult children, Cody and Madison.